Purpose-Driven Leadership Programme
Leaders with a Cause

A programme designed to help women align their leadership styles

with their core values and a greater purpose.

The Purpose-Driven Leadership Programme is an empowering and transformative journey crafted specifically for both emerging and experienced women leaders aiming to align their leadership approaches with their fundamental values and a profound sense of purpose.

This programme is designed to guide and equip women with the necessary tools, insights, and strategies to lead authentically and effectively, anchoring their leadership styles in their core beliefs.

With 5 engaging workshops and 2 individual coaching sessions, this online programme will take place from April until July 2024, closing with a face-to-face celebration event in September.

What you learn

The programme equips participants with the tools, perspectives, and strategies to become transformational leaders who lead with authenticity, purpose, and a strong alignment with their core values. They emerge empowered to make a meaningful difference in their leadership roles, positively impacting their organisations and communities.

  • Uncovering Your Core Values & Strengths: Participants gain a profound understanding of their core values and unique strengths, guiding them throughout their leadership journey.

  • Gaining Clarity On Your Career Aspirations: Guided by our experts, participants engage in introspection regarding their career aspirations, formulating actionable plans to achieve their goals.

  • Leveraging Strategic Networking: Participants will acquire strategic networking expertise by leveraging their authentic personal brand that resonates with their values, strengths, and professional aspirations.

  • Infusing Your Own Purposeful Into Your Leadership Role: Uncovering their individual sense of purpose, the programme empowers participants to lead with profound meaning and influence, aligning their leadership efforts with deeper significance.

Programme Curriculum

Module 1. Understanding your Strengths 
Through the Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment, uncover your unique strengths and talents. Learn how to leverage these strengths effectively in your leadership role, maximizing your potential for success.

Module 2. (Re)Defining your Career Ambition
Armed with a clear understanding of your values and strengths, you gain the clarity needed to redefine your career ambitions and pursue meaningful professional goals.

Module 3. Mastering your Personal Branding

Understanding the importance of personal branding, learn to create a compelling and authentic personal brand that reflects your values, strengths, and professional aspirations.

Module 4. Leveraging your Network

Acquire skills to cultivate and leverage networks strategically. Learn how to build meaningful connections and utilise them to advance both personal and professional objectives.

Module 5. Becoming a Leader with a Cause

Infuse your leadership role with a profound sense of purpose. Discover how to lead with a cause, ensuring your leadership efforts are driven by a deeper meaning and impact

+ Includes 2 individual coaching sessions and a Networking Event (Face-to-Face) to celebrate the closure of the Programme.



Programme Director

Florie Derouet

Florie is an International Career Development Coach and Facilitator with 15 years of experience within fast-paced multinational companies and start-ups in Paris, Sydney, Singapore and London.
She has worked on the development and facilitation of more than 30 Leadership Development Programmes, including Career Development, Women Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion, and Cross-Cultural Communication Programmes.

A firm believer that personal development and self-awareness are pivotal to a successful career and a fulfilling life, Florie has designed this programme specifically tailored to empower emerging and experienced leaders to cultivate their inner leadership while aligning with their values and purpose.


[email protected]

The Programme is guided by a diverse team of professionals, including renowned coaches, esteemed leaders, influential gender-balance advocates, and experts in leadership development.

Among our esteemed facilitators and coaches are:

Sobia Ali, HR Professional and NLP coach

Francoise Carbonnel, Career & Executive Coach

Jane Ferré, Talent Management Strategist

Jenny Handley, High-performance brand training and management

Valerie Monti Holland, Director at Creative Coach

Dr Jan Peter, Diversity and inclusion thought leader, speaker, and author

Jean Shafiroff, Pilanthropist, humanitarian, TV host, writer
Lydia Stevens, Executive coach, thinking partner and connector

Khadija Usman, Founder at Grit & Individual and Executive Management Coach

Schedule & Fees

Registrations open until April 28th


15 April: Programme Preparation

29 April - 1 July 2024: Workshops & Coaching


PWN London Premium Member: £ 399

Non-Member or Free Member: £ 499*

For more information and for Corporate & Groups, please contact [email protected]

*Includes 1 year Premium Membership to PWN Global and PWN London

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